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Walk in my shoes a minute, Mom...Lend me your ear, listen to me. Just because you cannot hear, feel, or see me does not mean I do not exist. I, too, would like an opportunity to live. Maybe you can't raise me... that's okay. I'm sure someone else out there wouldn't mind rocking me to sleep, reading me bed time stories, attending to me when I cry, providing for me, missing a few events to care for me when I'm sick, or just being there like you feel you can't.

Why rob me of my opportunity? After all, you've had your shot at independent breathing, living life as fully as you can... why can't I? What do you have against me, Mom? What have I done wrong? Please give me a chance.

Yes, I'm anti-abortion.

What do I know about abortion? Well, for one, we're breathing one minute, gasping for breath another, and completely unconscious the next. If abortion is your choice, I will never hear you cry any more. I will never hear you whisper, "I'm sorry" again. I literally cease to exist once you make up your mind and the deed, that leaves your heart forever bleeding, is done.

I do not wish to put you on a guilt trip, neither do I mean to disrespect you. I would never do that. Mommy, I want nothing more than to be told I'm loved. I just want to be picked up and held. I've noticed how you look longingly at the babies at the grocery store only to turn your head away quickly, heaving and weeping. "That could be you," you say under your breath, rubbing your belly and awaking me from my slumber.

Mommy, abortion is not the only way. It may seem the simplest for you without everyone finding out, considering your inability to care and provide for me, or avoiding the heartache of relinquishing me to someone else. However, Mommy...if you love me more than you love yourself, as you've assured me each night before you sleep...let me live.

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